No Pity Fitness: Why You Wont See a Strength Athlete Eating Paleo.


Now let me start this off by saying, this is not a Paleo bash, at all. This is to clear up some confusion around low carb vs. high carb diets.

Paleo is great for fat loss, because its current form is a very low carb diet. It’s true form isn’t that low carb, because the majority of people in the…

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Cacao Nibs

Are horrible and bitter… on their own. But combined with fresh berries and almonds taste just like chocolate ZOMG. I finally found out a way to eat them and reap the benefits without eating all the sugar that comes with your standard chocolate bar - but it definitely needs the natural flusher in the fresh fruit to cover up the bitterness!

So I shall squat

I am a coach! At Golden State Crossfit! It’s in West Los Angeles and is amazing - however my training has been terrible. My elbows are causing me a lot of grief at the moment so having a few issues trying to WOD as I can’t finish anything because it’s ridiculously painful. I’ve been verging on tears two days in a row now. I hate putting up bad numbers and being the person whining about an injury but there’s nothing else I can do. I’m going to try buying some compression arm bands but I just need to keep stretching out after every work out. But I can still squat. So I will do exactly that. I think I am going to start squating every day, even if I just work on technique. There is always work to be done on getting correct form! Back squat. Front squat. Over head squat. Bring it on.


I was all excited about Lara bars and all the delicious snacks at Whole Foods, all the ingredients are great - healthy choices, organic, local BUT then I was like LIGHTBULB I have been ignoring the sugar information and everything was loaded with sugar!! Every single bar! The best one I found was 6grams, but remember we are only ever meant to have 5grams of sugar in our system at one time!